Mold Professionals

Mold remediation following industry standards, at a fair price.


  • We don't use scare tactics to convince you that the mold problem is bigger than it really is.
  • We remove the mold, rather than just killing it and leaving it in place.  The EPA recommends mold be removed, rather than killed, because dead mold is still potentially allergenic and toxic.  Most Chicagoland mold remediators over-rely on chemical pesticides against EPA's recommendations, which introduce unnecessary harsh chemicals into the air you breathe. 
  • We strongly encourage that you have an independent 3rd party verify our work by doing clearance testing.  Most other companies don't let you know that this is standard industry practice because they are worried about having their work scrutinized.
  • We offer our services at a fair price.  Other remediation contractors inflate their fees as soon as you say "mold".  Why should removing a square foot of moldy drywall cost thousands of dollars? 

Miguel Rodriguez


For over a decade, Mr. Rodriguez owned and operated Mars Construction & Remodeling, Inc.  Throughout the years, clients would ask him to remediate mold that was uncovered during remodeling projects.  Mr. Rodriguez studied the industry standards, received training, and started  Early on, Mr. Rodriguez was surprised to find out that other mold remediation companies were charging 10x the fees, yet performing the same scope of work. He decided to build a remediation company that followed industry standards and performed work for a fair price.


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